Lipstick 1 and Eyeshadow 1 for Sims 4

For YA sims. Eyeshadow with little eyelashes 4 variants, lipstick has 5 variants


Download eyeshadow

Download lipstick

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The lovely Sintiklia was wonderful enough to make Thranduil’s hair for me! It looks absolutely amazing, finally I have hair that suits him! Thank you again darling! <3

Thanks honey for photoshoot! I like how it looks on your sim! Now is my time to make someone looks like Thranduil to publish hair :P

Ring Brilliants for Sims 3

Ring with many brilliants
For T/YA/A/E female sims
Is in 3 variants, recolorable(3 channels - metal main color,brilliants color and sparkling for brilliants color)
Mesh and texture are own
Thanks KanoYa for main screenshot
Inno Nails - KanoYa Click
Hair - Scarlet(me)



I made a new Sim, named her Isis. 

Aww! &lt;3 &lt;3 


I made a new Sim, named her Isis

Aww! <3 <3 

Sintiklia - Female hair Africa

Female dreadlocks
3 variants : with beads(patterns - 2 variants), without beads, with beads(1 color)
Recolorable glossy beads on the hair
With breast sliders
Put settings to VH for best quality
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Used CC:

Inno Nails - KanoYa
Ring - me(soon on TSR)
Skin - Ephemera69
Clothing - Sims2fanbg,Kiolometro
Necklace - Leah Lillith
Lipstick - Tsminh_3,Pralinesims


~IT GLOWS! - Horns by KanoYa~

* For female and male

As earrings

* U can change it by using sliders by aWT

* Glowing part isnt recolorable


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I am not fan of horns, but you did good creation! <3 I like it’s lighting!



Hi my kitties, i started creating new set for u<3 it will include book bags with a lot of different covers (i think ones are exciting^-^) and just cute bags (with the same mesh).

And mb ill create some clothes and other accessories for it^_^

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Honey, that’s so creative bag! I love it and I know that it is good with polycounts:)


Another baby boo

Wow! I love Reno! He is one from my favourites from FF7!


Another baby boo

Wow! I love Reno! He is one from my favourites from FF7!


~Backpack with fish by KanoYa~

★ Only for female

★ 4 recolorable parts

★ 2 versions (for hand as ring and for back as necklace, use master controller if u wanna put on necklace and bp for back)

Im sorry but it hasnt morphs cuz tsrw doesnt wanna import my mesh (i dont know why and its so strange cuz i havent problems with choker and other accessories with morphs :\)

If u recolor or wear a lot of accessories IN CAS water will be blurred and fish will disappear but IN GAME IT WILL BE FINE

The main screens were maid by jazzy——-fizzle and onlysmokewolf

Im sorry for some small pictures in collages, i just copied/pasted ur screens and didnt edit size

Thanks these cute people for testing my bp (U can see all testshots in full size on my tumblr):

prettybigsim | kasumihonda | pnmai | oleksandrablog | onlysmokewolf | keepalien | juba-0o | andromedasims | sims3melanholik | aquamarinus | mystic-sim | jazzy——-fizzle | juba-0o | pixelated-plumbobs | yanggeang | kolenn|sim—ilarity | lulufrosty-frog | toosimsforyou | viviandang2206 | plumbob-peace | nothing4rever | sebi292 | nika-belova | atomicxsims | plumbobthesims3 | silmarillionel | andromedasims | welcometosimpliccity | avianjen | bugandsims | katsimss | vills-sims | gloomysims | neofukuda | theseprettylittlepixels | regzsim | danisimlover | reallylamesims | thisisthesims3 | thesimsw0rld | thisisthesims3 | soilosoiod | simovation | bubblegumblown | inspired122 | polurfa | converselysim | awesomemayrexia | konekosim |  wickedsims | simvercetti | sandwichandcola | smartsimmer | smartsimmer | its-a-me-magic | simblrshelby | sumiei | yesemilystoneme | sulickochka-apelsinka | itsoceansecret | bakasim 



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Maybe a half of tumblr tested it! Great creation, dear!


~Earrings Dreamcatchers by KanoYa~

* For female and male

* 4 recolorable parts


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Wonderful earrings!