alishia412 asked:
Do you take requests for sims 3 cc Jewlery? I would like to have a certain necklace made from a picture, but idk how to make custom content.

hello! Send me image - and if i would like and if it is available for sims( i meant polycounts) - i will make it:)

Crosswise chains for Sims 3


All morphs


Black has overlay for glossy(so better for recolor in dark colors), other variants(gold and silver) are good for recolor in light

For male and female T/YA/A sims

Thanks KanoYa for inspiration and help

Hairs - Alesso,Cazy,Anto,Kewai

Skin - Ehemera69(Fresh)

Lipstick - Tsminh,

If you use it on tumblr - please tag me as sintiklia

Please don’t reupload my creations and please give the link to the new or to TSR!

If you can’t download from or filesharing system please write comment!

Download both TSR

Download male TSR

Download female(package+sims3pack)

Download male(package+sims3pack)

Аноним asked:
Hi Sintiklia,

Hello! :D


Sintiklia, thanks for this AMAZING hair!

Thank you for your beautiful art too!<3


Sintiklia, thanks for this AMAZING hair!

Thank you for your beautiful art too!<3

supertrapb0lous asked:
gawd thank you for the nude bodies THANK YOU HUNEY :ooo

You are welcome honey!!


Little Star. Download at Sims Studio

Amazing! I am in love in dress for little princess!<3

Аноним asked:
can you do a quick tut on editing sims 4 clothes?

So, I wrote tutorial for you:”How to edit items(texture) in Sims 4”

1.Programs which you need: s4pe, CASRecolorTool(i used old ver, but you can try new). The best way is extracting with 7z, because some people have bugs with both programs when extracted them with WinRar.
2.Open CASRecolorTool and click Load Package - you need to find CASDemoFullBuild.package, it is here: Origin Games\The Sims 4 Create A Sim Demo\Data\Client.
3.When you will load this package in CASRecolorTool - you will see the list of textures. Choose some from them( lipsticks, hairs can not be exported or will not replace original in game, because CASRecolorTool have a lot of bugs and is unfinished, some clothing has bugs too, as example I can not do non-default recolor for sweater dress, because non-default crashed my CAS). So most of clothes can be edited. Write your Recolor name as example program will recommended you to name MY_ymShoes_SlipperBath_RECOLOR, you can write it as MariaBlackShoes_ymShoes_SlipperBath_RECOLOR, don’t change the name from this part “_ymShoes_SlipperBath_RECOLOR”. because it will crash game.
3.Click Create Recolor and save to some folder created package.
4.Open s4pe and open your saved recolor package.
5.As example you will see CASP and 2-3 UNKN, click on one from UNKN, which has texture with your item and right mouse click - Export to DDS. Name it as you want.
6. Open your dds texture in Photoshop(or GIMP) and begin to draw or modify standard texture. You can also download extracted textures for bodies to understand how it will be look on the sim, or you can download extracted bodies and examine your texture in Milkshape on this bodies. Also I wrote tutorial how to extract meshes, so you can extract mesh for this item to Milkshape and see how your texture will look on sim in game.
7. The best way to create clothing or shoes is creating without alpha channel modify(i meant borders of alpha channel), because clothing for Sims 4 has some texture wich looks like normal map in Sims 3 and you can not modify it now( we have not normal stable tool for that) and your sim will be black when you will try to modify it(this texture is one from UNKN in your recolor package).
8.So when you finished your dress texture - save it to dds(DXT5 type).
9.In s4pe with your recolor Click right button of mouse and choose Import from DDS and choose your modified texture. You will see some error text in s4pe in the right part, don’t worry - just save package and it will be ok.
10. Now you can put your recolor package to Mods folder and try in game.
11. Some textures are not editable in CASRecolor (it doesn’t want to create recolor or this recolor will not be look editable). As I know - hairs will show as standard without your editing, cosmetics will not create recolors in CASRecolorTool, so you can only to make default replacement - you need to see my last tutorial How to export meshes from s4pe, by this method you can find textures in s4pe and make default replacement.

Also you can read another tutorial, which was written on PlatinumSimmers


~Choker “Sinti” by KanoYa~

For female and male

4 recolorable parts

Has morphs

This choker is named in the best friend's honor. Sintiklia, thanks u for helping with assignment<3 This choker looks easy to assign but frankly speaking it was hard to assign on this height perfectly.

Also i show u some other simmers’ test shots of my choker:
1 - 

2 - benedictwallace

3 - pnmai

4- aquamarinus

5 - plumbob-peace

6 - onlysmokewolf

U can see more test shots on my tumblr~


Wow! Thanks hon for giving this amazing choker my name! I am so happy! Really qualitative and best work!





✚ For MALE and FEMALE ✚ 3 recolorable parts ✚ 

✚ You should use it with SLIDERS BY AWT✚ 

✚ Mesh is mine, textures are mine 

✚ ✚ ✚ ✚ ✚ ✚ ✚ ✚ ✚ ✚ 


✚ ✚ ✚ ✚ ✚ ✚ ✚ ✚ ✚ ✚ 

Amazing hair on my sim by Sintiklia is here

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