Аноним asked:
about the request, it was for some male hair styles, because there are only a small fragment of male hairstyles. the one I was thinking of was nate crawford from shs

His hairstyle is interesting, but I don’t know if i will have time. But i like it and maybe i will make it one day:)

Format: sims3pack/package

Male and Female T/YA/A/E

With thumbnails in CAS

All morphs icluded.


Meshes fully made by me.

Sims made by me.

Big THANKS Darko for his help:)

Please don’t reupload my creations and please give the link to the new or to TSR!

If you can’t download from adf.ly or filesharing system please write comment!

Thanks all creators, which content I used.

If you use my creations on tumblr - don’t forget to tag me as ‘sintiklia’ and I will make reblog.

For retextures: put credits to my tumblr(sintiklia.tumblr.com) or to my TSR page.

Download set(sims3pack-TSR)

Download female(TSR)

Download male(TSR)

Download female(package+sims3pack - VK)

Downlolad male(package+sims3pack - skydrive)

Female:Skydrive(package+s3pack) without adf.ly

Male:Skydrive(package+s3pack) without adf.ly

Аноним asked:
do you take requests?

It depends on if i will like the idea and if i will have time for it:)

Аноним asked:
can you make a lipstick for toddlers? My children didn't have lips just a bit darker shade than their skin.

Hmm i didn’t see in Workshop lipstick’s examples for toddlers, so I don’t know how to do it. But I can try do from mask example - just send me what lipsticks(from my adult versions do you want to have)?

Lipstick Jelly for Sims 3

Format: sims3pack/package

With thumbnail in CAS

4 channels.

Please don’t reupload my creations and please give the link to the new or to TSR!

If you can’t download from adf.ly or filesharing system please write comment!

Thanks all creators, which content I used.

Sims3pack(VK) Sims3pack(TSR)


To all hair retextures!

I noticed that there are many retextures of hairs nowadays. And also I see many retextures of my hairstyles. But not all use credits to originals of my hairs, but they do not forget to write that they have all credits for the retexture(and forgot about author).

I am not against that people make retextures of my hairs, but PLEASE put credits to my TSR page: http://thesimsresource.com/artists/SintikliaSims or to my tumblr: sintiklia.tumblr.com.

The best way is credit the original link. I spent a lot of time for creating every hairstyle and that’s make me sad when i see non-creadits….

 Thanks for attention.


I tweaked her…again…

<3 Thanks for using my cc:)


Hope you like it!╰( ̄▽ ̄)╮


I am glad to see my hair here:)

I tried Sims 4 CAS demo, it is good with sliders, but I was a bit bored in it without custom content. Hope creators will can create more fabulous content for that game:) And also I will wait for HQ mod:)

4th image - Some interesting seem on the beard when  tried to make cheeks with slider, looks like root of beard is drawing on face and beard is mesh.


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<3 I am to happy to be in you fav list!!!